Tammy McCollum

Owner / Hairstylist

Tammy McCollum is the owner of Vision and Dreams Salon. She is a native of Dillon, SC, who studied cosmetology and was licensed by the state of South Carolina upon completing her professional training and secondary education. Her hair specialties are natural hair, haircuts, extensions, and braiding, and her priority is to maintain healthy hair. She waxes eyebrows as well. With an extensive experience and training as a professional hair stylist in the United States and in Germany, which spans far beyond South Carolina; she has worked in San Antonio, Texas; Charlotte, North Carolina, and Augsburg, Germany.  Before opening her business, she served as an assistant to the International Celebrity Hairstylist, Oscar James, and had the pleasure of learning makeup and defining eyebrows from J. Mauer and Sam Fine, celebrity makeup artists. She learned Sew in Tracks from Karina Casteneda, a celebrity hair artist. Considering her overall experience and knowledge of caring for hair and styling, Oscar James, owner of the Oscar James Salon & Spa in Florence, South Carolina, chose her to assist him in styling Jones from the TV Show, The View. 

Stephanie Campbell


A seasoned cosmetologist, Stephanie Campbell has been practicing since 2003. She has had a life passionate for this field since the age of 4, designing her grandpa and great uncle’s stylish comb-overs. She has worked for corporations, like Regis, JC Penney, Stuart Laurence and Ulta; as well as freelanced in local salons, such as Susie’s Boutique and Aprezo Bella since becoming licensed. Her career started in Columbia, SC, and in a short time she built her business in Sumter, SC and in 2012 she moved to Florence, SC. Apart from being certified in So Cap hair extensions, Zotos permanents & Keratin Complex Smoothing treatments, she also specializes in gray coverage, preserving hair integrity & facial waxing. She is well-acquainted with many color lines and uses Kenra Professional for gray coverage and coloring needs. For cleansing and styling, she prefers and fully trusts Lanza’s Healing line. For your smoothing needs, Keratin Complex and Brazilian Blowout are always on hand and available.

Joveta Johnson


Joveta Johnson, a licensed cosmetologist for 26 years and a freelance makeup artist for 15 years, is a unique fingerprint of God. She is the beauty advisor for Dudley Cosmetics and is also on the advisory board of Virginia College in Florence South Carolina. She received her education and training from Chris Logan and Dudley Cosmetology School, the celebrity makeup artist Sam Fine, hair extension artist Karina Casteneda, celebrity makeup artist Jay Manuel, celebrity hairstylist Oscar James, Chicago hairstylist Little Willie hairstylist, celebrity makeup artist from Portland, Oregon Erica Carr. Johnson worked for Lethonia Barnes in Total Experience Hair Salon, who gave her the opportunity to work there for several years because she saw something in Joveta. Next, she worked with Oscar James for two years in the Oscar James Salon and Spa in Florence, SC. Her first celebrity client was Star Jones. Besides that, she did make up for Mikey from BET Network’s 106 and Park, two issues of Essence Magazine. Her work has been issued in different hair magazines (Black hair magazine, sophisticated black hair magazine and hype hair... xtreme hair, Universal Hair Salon and many more) She specializes in healthy hair, blowouts, short hair, curls and Trichology.