Facial Waxing

A semi-permanent form of hair removal, which removes the entire hair shaft, including the root, leaving the skin baby smooth. This hair removal technique can give results that last for four to six weeks, which is much longer than shaving. Vision and Dreams Salon has the best aestheticians who ensure that eyebrow, mustache, sideburn, lip, chin and overall facial waxing isn’t a painful process for you. There are two distinct types of waxes that are commonly used in salons: Hot and Cold Wax.

Hot Wax: A hot wax involves heating the wax prior to application. The melted wax is then applied to the skin with a spatula and removed with the hand (in case of hard wax) or a cloth strip (in case of soft wax) The hot wax sinks, clinging on to the hair, and pulling it away in the opposite direction of the hair growth causing the hair to be removed effectively in one go.

Cold Wax: A cold wax works in a similar way as hot wax, however, heating it is not required prior to application.

Waxing is a better alternative than other hair removal techniques due to various reasons:
  • Lasts longer because it removes the hair from the follicle instead of removing it from the surface
  • Can remove all types of hair, from fine to coarse.
  • Lasts longer and waxing on a regular basis can result in your hair growing back softer and finer, unlike the rough and stubbly hair growth that is a result of shaving. Regular waxing can also minimize the rate of hair growth.
  • Leaves your skin’s texture smooth because besides from removing hair, it causes exfoliation by removing the top layer of dead skin cells and also leaves you with no stubble.
  • Is not expensive.
  • Doesn’t cause any allergies or skin irritation, as it doesn’t have any extra ingredient. The trained professionals at Vision and Dreams Salon ensure that your waxing procedure is as painless as possible, as it doesn’t result in redness or bruises.
  • Waxing doesn’t result in cuts, unlike shaving
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