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If you’re looking to change your look drastically, the fastest way to achieve that is a hair color change. Vision and Dreams hair salon will transform your hair from dull to vibrant.  There are so many hair dyeing options and techniques these days from ombre to balayage that it can be hard to decide which look you should go for.

The key to your hair goals is good communication. Our professional stylists are eager to please the customer by creating the look that they want as well as help them decide what’s best for the health and beauty of their hair.
Here are some hair color application terms that can help you explain the stylists at Vision and Dreams hair salon, about exactly what you want:

Balayage: The balayage technique is extremely popular and it involves hand painting the dye onto the hair in a sweeping motion for a multi-dimensional color. This creates a natural-looking lightening effect as the technique is customizable. The effect produced with this technique can be both – dramatic and subtle, according to the preference of the client. Our skilled hair colorists also ensure that it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance by blending the roots with the rest of the hair to create a soft look.

Ombre: This technique involves fading the darker color on the roots to a lighter color towards the tips. This is also a very low maintenance hair color as the roots don’t look obvious when they grow out. An ombre can be both bold and subtle. A softer gradation is also called somber and it starts blending higher up than the ombre, which gives a more natural sun-kissed look to the hair.

Highlights: Highlights can either be achieved through the balayage technique or foiling. They can lighten and brighten the overall base color.

Lowlights: Lowlights are the opposite of highlights and darker shade is applied to the hair than the base color, this gives the hair more depth, thickness, and dimension. Light to medium hair shades are ideal for this technique.

Babylights: A relatively new technique, the babylights technique creates an extremely natural multi-tonal variation in the hair, similar to that of a baby. This technique involves applying dye with smaller separations between each foil to extremely fine sections of hair. This technique is also very low maintenance as there is no noticeable outgrowth.

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