Wash & Blow Outs

Washing and styling your hair at home can consume a lot of time and you can often end up with unwanted results. On top of that, you won’t be able to see if you got the back of your head just right.

At, Vision & Dreams hair salon, our professional stylists fulfill your vision while you get the time to relax before your important day or night out. We deliver a shampoo, condition and styling service that imparts shine and bounce to your hair. We believe a wash and conditioner are really important for getting the best blow out results, getting a rinse with a specially formulated shampoo for your hair type will ensure your blowout looks the best.

The professional stylists at Vision and Dreams hair salon, who are up to date with the latest hair trends and educated in what works for different people, will work their magic on your hair with a round brush. However, as customer satisfaction is our number priority, our stylists will also consider your preferences along the way regarding the volume and the curls. A blow out doesn’t always necessarily have to be a soft and bouncy style. You can also choose to get curls, beach waves, texture as well as silky straight hair. Make sure you communicate your style to the stylist before the blowout begins and throughout the process to get the perfect results. Our stylists are also always ready to make any alterations to the final result to make sure the customer leaves utterly satisfied.

As the blowout trend is gaining popularity, Vision and Dreams hair salon want to ensure that they give their customers an impeccable service that lasts for as long as possible. The stylist will finish your style with cool air to ensure that your cuticles are sealed and your style lasts longer. Depending on factors, like your day-to-day activities, hair texture, and the climate, your blowout can last for as long as three days to a week if you choose to use a dry shampoo instead of washing your hair.

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